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BeardedDragonsRock.com is operated and run by a couple who have a love of Bearded Dragons and have kept Bearded Dragons (and other reptiles and amphibians) and have researched much about Beardies.

We love our Beardies!

We’ve found a huge amount of information on the Internet regarding Beardies but there’s SO much conflicting information so we wanted to create a site that would give up to date, accurate and correct information for Bearded Dragon keepers and potential future Beardie owners.

We rely on our experience and our research to bring this site to you. Our content is based on our own experience and in some cases where we don’t have particular experience we’ve researched hard and combined the information with the experience.

We’re not going to claim to be experts – that’s what professional herpetologists and reptile vets are for. We’re just Beardie keepers who want to share our knowledge and experience to improve the life and care of your beardies. If you find information here that you disagree with, please do let us know – every day is a school day and we will learn something from you.

You can contact us by leaving a comment on the specific post that you disagree with, or you can contact us at hello@beardeddragonsrock.com – you can also do this if you agree with us and like our content.

We really hope you enjoy our website and wish you all the best with your Bearded Dragon(s)